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Vandernet Oy is a stocking distributor and a training company. We have successfully been growing for 30 years thanks to demanding end users, skilled resellers, motivated staff and great suppliers with their strong brands. The company was established in 1989. Our office, showroom and training center is in Helsinki, Finland and warehouse in Tuusula close to Helsinki. We are a member of STYL (Finnish Work Safety Association).

We are specialized in importing, exporting and marketing of innovative quality solutions for those who see the benefits of great gear over the initial purchase price. The brands in our portfolio are all premium brands which enjoy international respect across borders and are mostly built by the original manufacturers themselves. Our main sales area is Finland on all our brands and Sweden and Baltic countries Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania on selected brands.
We are the voice and ears of our brands wherever we operate: 100 % of our sales are done through local resellers: For example specialized stores, retail chains and industrial wholesale chains.

You can meet our solutions and products in these 4 business areas we operate in:
SPORT & OUTDOOR: Activities in sport and outdoor environment
PROFESSIONAL: Demanding work environments in industry, construction and rescue
PREMIUM GIFT: Public relations through corporate gift market
TACTICAL: Military, police, border control and other tactical operations

Our exclusive distributorship product portfolio includes market leader brands: Aclima, Arena, Beal, Bollé Safety, Bollé Tactical, Bridgedale, BUFF, CamelBak, Cocoon, CT - Climbing Technology, Grangers, GVS, Helinox, Ikar, Isosteel, Jetboil, Kask, Light My Fire, Lupine, Maglite, Millet, Morakniv, Sordin, Ticket To The Moon and TSL
Our ambition and vision is to make You better in what you are doing: Our core business model includes added value to the end users and to the resellers of the products and services. The more demanding end users and the more demanding people in the reseller field we face, the happier we are.
Our Mission is to be a Premium One-Stop-Supplier in the selected business areas.